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Music Lessons & More at Gold Coast Arts Academy

Gold Coast Arts Academy launches students into a world of music, vocals, drama and visual arts.

We understand that everyone learns differently and as a result, we ensure that our music lessons and teaching methods cater to each individual and their unique way of learning.

It is with our practical knowledge of teaching and our passion for the creative and performing arts that we can dedicate our time to making our drama, voice and music lessons an enjoyable and excitable experience.

Let Gold Coast Arts Academy motivate, inspire, engage and encourage you to achieve your performing arts goals, no matter your skill level.

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Holiday programs, workshops and events

At Gold Coast Arts Academy, we pack school holidays with a series of master-classes, private music lessons and workshops for aspiring musicians.

From French themed cabaret classes to book clubs, rock schools, Jazz schools and songwriter sessions, we have a program for you.

Our students will return home from one of our programs with memories of an arts workshop experience where they have learned new things, met new people and had an enjoyable experience that they will never forget.

Book your next school holiday program today!

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Birthdays parties and venue hire

Everybody loves a Gold Coast Arts Academy party!

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